Monday, February 15, 2010

Cake Pops!

Seems there's been a lingering theme in the Tyson Kitchen... cake pops. Whether just plain 'ol cake pops or cake pops with a theme, they're still tempting little orbs of smooth and sweet cake and icing.

These cake pops were designed for a fundraiser for the American Heart Association Heart Walk in Huntsville this coming weekend. And piggybacking on Valentine's Day, they're filled with love and yumminess.

The original cake pops recipe I found on uses a box cake mix and canned icing... not very tasty, in my opinion. But the beauty in making cake pops is the possibilities are endless. So I found a top-rated red velvet cake and simple cream cheese icing to create a sublime cake pop.

I used vanilla coating for half of the pops.

And even carried the heart theme through from hearts to love.

There's even chocolate covered cake pops.

Since these are for a fundraiser I'm pondering the going rate for these little treasures.

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