Saturday, January 9, 2010

Simple Cinnamon Rolls

Tradition is important in the Tyson house and Saturday mornings are especially important. The resident princess enjoys cinnamon rolls [of the Pillsbury variety] every Saturday morning. It's part of her routine - her ritual - and she knows when it's Saturday. And she expects her cinnamon rolls.

So what happens when you've had sub-zero (seemingly) temperatures for several days and a very limited, virtually non-existent ability to get down your driveway to the grocery store for cinnamon rolls? I'll tell you what happens... panic, anxiety and fear that Saturday will be dreadful and painful once the resident princess learns that there are no cinnamon rolls in the house.

But then it hits you. Ah ha! There are crescent rolls in the fridge. So after a few minutes of consideration, I, along with the resident princess, made our way to the kitchen to make cinnamon rolls with crescent roll dough.

It was simple. We mixed together some cinnamon and sugar. I separated the crescent roll dough into a total of 2 pieces (4 triangles each). We lightly rolled the dough to seal all of the seams making one piece of dough. Next we sprinkled a generous amount of the cinnamon sugar over the dough, rolled it up, and cut into 6 pieces. We repeated the same process with the 2nd piece of dough. We ended up with 12 cinnamon rolls that were cute and petite. We mixed up a simple icing of confectioners sugar, milk and a splash of vanilla extract.

Princess approved and devoured.

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